Turn those old boxes of Marklin trains, that have been stored in your basement of attic, into CASH.

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Marklin HO

I buy Marklin HO, Marklin Z scale (MiniClub) trains, parts and accessories.

I buy all Marklin locomotives, Passenger cars, freight cars, track, parts and accessories. They can be old or new…working or non-working.

I also buy Marklin Compatible items like HAG, ROCO, ELECTROTREN and and similar European HO AC locomotives, passenger cars, freight cars, parts and accessories. I buy MicroTrains and similar European and American style Z scale trains, locomotives, cars and accessories.

Just let me know what you have.  All you have to do is email me a list of the items you have.  It is very helpful if you can send the Marklin number off the end of the box.  If you don’t have all of the boxes, that is OK.  Send me good quality photos of the engines and cars in groups of 4 to 6 cars per photo. Then give me an idea of the condition of the items.  Also please include your phone number and where the items are located.

I will get right back to you with a cash offer to buy all of your items.  NOTE: I BUY EVERYTHING…not just the good stuff.

No quantity of Marklin HO or Z equipment is too large.

In most cases I PAY THE SHIPPING, if the items are located in the United States.

I have been buying Marklin trains on the Internet for over a decade.

Thank you, here’s my address is: MarklinBuyer@gmail.com


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Marklin Z Scale